End of October by Lawrence Wright

In light of what is happening in the world today, it may be a bit early in our war against a virus to be reading this novel. Did Wright have a terrible insight or were his publishers just waiting for the right time for this book? Uncanny!

Paladin by David Ignatius

CIA boss sets Michael Dunne, a talented CIA hacker, up to infiltrate a dark web organization in Europe that produces fake news. Things go wrong and manufactured pictures ruin Dunne's life, both personal and professional. After a stint in jail there is only one road to take. REVENGE.  Good!

Deal with the Devil by Kit Rocha

A science fiction novel with post apocalyptic
librarians who search for information and books to digitize and make available to people who need them after most library collections have been destroyed. This group of tough, fighting librarians team up with strong, hunky, mercenaries trying to become free from a cyber company who is in control of most things. Throw in a little romance and let it take you away.
"A mercenary librarians novel."  First in a series. Enjoy

Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore

This story opens with the rape and beating of an Hispanic girl out on the oil patch range of Odessa, Texas. The young man who did it gets off because, well, he is a man and it is the 1970s. The first woman who helps the victim is inundated with threatening calls about her testimony against this man. The story touches upon the lives of the 4 different women and  their daughters that live on a particular street in Odessa and their struggle living in that man's world without a voice.  Very good!

Hidden Valley Road: inside the mind of an American family by Robert Kolker

This is a very readable book on the psychology of schizophrenia. It is a story of the Galvin family who raised 12 children during the 50s thru 70s in Colorado. Out of the 10 boys, 6 developed schizophrenia and were in and out of mental health institutions for many years. The book takes a look at their home life and also delves into the history of the study of schizophrenia and all the controversy surrounding it's explanation. Nature versus nurture.  The Galvin family is the first family to be studied where samples of DNA could be taken from multiple family members to shed light on the possible inherited nature of the disease. Very good!

Falcon Thief : a true tale of adventure, treachery and the hunt for the perfect bird by Joshua Hammer

Smuggling live Falcon eggs on commercial airlines to sell to wealthy Arabians. Who knew it was even a thing!! This true story of a particular smuggler and the English cop who pursues him is very entertaining and enlightening. Obsessed with the birds and their eggs there are those who go to unbelievable lengths to collect them. I recommend this book and if you like it then watch the documentary movie "Poached" (2015).  I think you can find it on Amazon prime video. Enjoy!