36 Righteous Men by Steven Pressfield

Are you in need of a new mystery to distract you from these chilly November days? Try Pressfield's "36 Righteous Men" it is not your usual mystery of finding the bad guy. No, this one means hunting down evil itself from New York all the way to the fiery bowels of the Israeli desert. Entertaining and a quick read!

Glass Woman by Caroline Lea

A novel set in Iceland in the 1600's. A young unmarried woman is taken as a bride of a wealthy powerful farmer in a village far away from her family. Rosa discovers he harbors secrets that affect her relationship with him and the village. Why is she banned from speaking with the villagers and what really happened to his first wife?

LibraryReads List October 2019

Announcing the October 2019 LibraryReads list!
You voted, we counted, and October's LibraryReads Favorite is:
The Body A Guide for Occupants
by Bill Bryson
(Doubleday Books)
“A fascinating look at the human body and how it functions. Each historical tidbit is well-researched and thoroughly cited. Interesting stories, such as how diseases, cells, nerves, and organs were discovered, are woven throughout. For readers who like narrative nonfiction such as Gulp by Mary Roach, Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, and Guts by Giulia Enders.”
Carolynn Waites, Manvel Library, Manvel, TX
NoveList read-alike: Dispatches from the Front (and Back) by Mara Altman
And now, the rest of the LibraryReads October Top 10:

After the Flood by Kassandra Montag

In Montag's imagining of the world after a great flood, there are only a few remaining places on earth that aren't oceans. Mountaintops visible above the water line are all that remain. In this new world are groups of raiders each trying to take control and colonize in strong-arm violent ways. For Myra and her daughter Pearl living on a family boat and fishing as a small means of support, it means not trusting anyone.
This could be the new dystopian novel of the year! I enjoyed it very much.

See That My Grave is Kept Clean by Bart Paul

The character Tommy Smith, building a house in the Sierra's and starting a business as an outfitter for folks who want to venture into the wilderness, finds himself in the middle of a missing local banker's plan to save her family ranch gone very bad!
A quick western for those who like C.J. Box's Pickett novels.

What Rose Forgot by Nevada Barr

68 year old Rose finds herself drugged, labeled as having Alzheimer's, and in a nursing home. She escapes, and with the help of her 14 yr. old granddaughter tries to find out who is trying to get rid of her to get her recently deceased husband's money. A madcap mystery. Quite fun!

This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger

Look for this one coming out in September. A novel about orphans at a school for Native Americans and orphans in Minnesota under a crooked director and his wife who the kids call the black witch. Four children plan an escape that takes them in a canoe headed for St. Louis where an aunt lives. This is their story and the situations/adventures they find themselves in along the way. Very good, but I'm a sucker for any orphan story.