Half Broke by Ginger Gaffney

In her memoir, "Half Broke", Gaffney, a horse trainer, recalls getting a call for help from a ranch in Northern New Mexico, where a group of horses have terrified the people charged with their care. Pairing up individuals with horses that also have problems was quite a challenge but was not without its rewards.
Very Good.
An entertaining look at the way horses and troubled humans respond and benefit from each other.

Tenant by Katrine Engberg

A Danish murder mystery that takes place over the course of one week. Full of many interesting characters, suspects, and that ending we couldn't guess. Good and a quick read!

"The Janes" by Louisa Luna and "American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins

Coming in January 2020 these two novels have similar themes of people trying to escape the violence of the Mexican cartels.

In "American Dirt", a bookstore owner in Acapulco unwittingly befriends the boss of a far reaching drug cartel. Her husband is a reporter who publishes an article about the cartel which is basically the end of him and his family except for his wife and son who flee. This is the story of how they make the dangerous journey along with other migrants to the United States. Very good!

In "The Janes" , a private investigator ,Alice Vega, is called upon when the bodies of two young girls are discovered in a ditch south of San Diego. One of the girls is found to have the Vega's name on a scrap of paper balled up in her fist. Rival cartels, human trafficking and crooked cops all play a role.
A quick good mystery and the second novel featuring character Alice Vega.

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

Lillian, who is living in her mother's attic, is asked by her best friend, Madison, to take care of her step children for the summer. Madison is politically motivated and her Senator husband is an up and comer. Madison neglects to mention that these stepchildren, who have recently lost their mother, are special in that they tend to catch on fire once in awhile. A very humorous novel about finding love and where you belong in unexpected places. A quick, light read.

36 Righteous Men by Steven Pressfield

Are you in need of a new mystery to distract you from these chilly November days? Try Pressfield's "36 Righteous Men" it is not your usual mystery of finding the bad guy. No, this one means hunting down evil itself from New York all the way to the fiery bowels of the Israeli desert. Entertaining and a quick read!

Glass Woman by Caroline Lea

A novel set in Iceland in the 1600's. A young unmarried woman is taken as a bride of a wealthy powerful farmer in a village far away from her family. Rosa discovers he harbors secrets that affect her relationship with him and the village. Why is she banned from speaking with the villagers and what really happened to his first wife?

LibraryReads List October 2019

Announcing the October 2019 LibraryReads list!
You voted, we counted, and October's LibraryReads Favorite is:
The Body A Guide for Occupants
by Bill Bryson
(Doubleday Books)
“A fascinating look at the human body and how it functions. Each historical tidbit is well-researched and thoroughly cited. Interesting stories, such as how diseases, cells, nerves, and organs were discovered, are woven throughout. For readers who like narrative nonfiction such as Gulp by Mary Roach, Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, and Guts by Giulia Enders.”
Carolynn Waites, Manvel Library, Manvel, TX
NoveList read-alike: Dispatches from the Front (and Back) by Mara Altman
And now, the rest of the LibraryReads October Top 10: