Red Rain by R.L. Stein

Red Rain is the first adult book by the prolific children’s author R.L. Stine.  While his books for younger readers continue to strike fear into the heart of juveniles, his attempt at adult horror falls a bit flat.  The novel contains an almost-too- classic formula for horror and the situations in it leave much to be desired as far as realism goes, which becomes distracting and then humorous. 
The premise of the novel:  A travel blogger journeys to an east coast island, only to be caught unaware by a hurricane that leaves the island strewn with debris and bodies.  Witnessing the carnage almost puts the writer over the edge…until, in the midst of a mysterious red rain, she finds two orphaned twin boys that she feels called to help.  She and her reluctant husband adopt the boys and much chaos ensues.
Horror is my favorite genre and I really looked forward to reading this novel.  Unfortunately I came away from it much more amused than terrified, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t the goal.  Stine seemed to take a Goosebump-ish plot structure and added some violence and some sex.  The end result was disappointing for me.  -- Sharyl


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