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Agenda 21 by Glenn Beckan

Beck paints a picture of a dystopian society of America in the future where all freedoms are gone and the “Authorities” say their main goal is to protect nature. The job people have to look forward to from birth is by walking a monitored friction board everyday that produces energy. The only hope that teenager Emmeline has is knowing that some people may still be out there that fled before all the people were rounded up and put in compounds.  Can she escape?  A quick read.

The Husband by Dean Koontz

"We have your wife.  You can get her back for 2 million cash. " 
Not all Dean Koontz books are the same, so you never know what to expect.   This was a good read about a wife who is kidnapped and what a husband will do to get her back.   A tale of suspense and action.  Do we really know our family history?  Mitch was surprised ….

Help, Thanks, Wow by Anne Lamott

A humorous simple look at the way we pray and to whom we pray.  Very good even for those of us who aren't necessarily religious.

Red Country by Joe Abercrombie

Red Country is an action packed book, a page turner, an adventure.  I stayed up very late at night to finish it and I can’t say that about a lot of books these days. His battle scenes are vivid.  I will look again to Abercrombie for another great reading adventure.

4-Hour Chef by Timohty Ferriss

You’ll learn more than just cooking in this Tim Ferriss book.It is a very interesting account of how he learns new information quickly. All manner of things can be broken down into meaningful most used chunks of information, not a new concept but the way it is presented is engaging and intriguing. Ferriss uses this method to learn all manner of things from languages to learning how to shoot a basketball. You may learn a few things too along with a his unusual recipes. I highly recommend this book.