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Demonologtist by Andrew Pyper

Pyper's "Demonologist" is a creepy, scary book. It had me glued to each page. There is talk of this one becoming a movie. However... tell me what you thought of the ending.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This is a United States where there is no gasoline, food is not readily available, and people have moved back into the cities. To house all the people stacks of metal trailers exist.Wade, a teenager, lives in one of these stacks with an aunt. Everyone lives virtually online even going to school virtually.A billionaire who grew up in the 80’s and came to own a huge Internet corp. dies and leaves in his will all his money to the first person who can beat a game he created rife with clues from the 80’s pop culture.There are three keys that have to be found.Wade and other” gunters” soon find out that the huge OASIS Internet corp. wants the money and will stop at nothing to get it. Very entertaining!

Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe

Oh, I love stories about witchcraft. This one is predictable but entertaining and a quick read. Harvard graduate student Connie has chosen to research Deliverance Dane (a woman who was convicted of witchcraft in Salem in 1692) for her dissertation after finding the name written on a scroll of paper that was hidden in a key left in a family bible that she found while cleaning up her grandmothers abandoned cottage. Professor Chilton has an ulterior motive for accepting Connie’s subject to research and doesn’t want anything or anyone to get in the way of a timely discovery of an old book that might benefit him.

Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach

Roorbach has an unusual way of writing in the 1st person for this novel.  The character, a former professional football player for the Miami Dolphins, David “Lizard” Hochmeyer tells the story of the  years of his life from the age of 17, his relationship with his parents and sister, going through college into professional football and eventually into the restaurant business. His telling of the story helps him come to terms with and sorts out the murder of his parents, the connection that his father and sister had with the celebrities that lived in the mansion across the pond from his parent’s house, his love affair with the woman of that mansion (a great ballerina) and his tragic decision to take matters into his own hands to end his tortured sister's pain. Oh what a tangled web was woven! Very Good.