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The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin

A gentle quiet man of solitude (Talmadge) finds himself in the situation of caring for two young girls, both pregnant, that have escaped a horrible life of imprisonment in a whore house. Growing up and living alone on his orchard homestead having lost his mother and then his sister, he patiently waits to gain Jane and Della’s trust but the one thing they need he cannot give.   While the unthinkable happens to Jane, Talmadge never gives up hope for Della’s salvation from her past and the demon’s that still haunt her.  He takes it upon himself to raise Jane’s daughter and is rewarded with a life of sweet contentment until Della reemerges and he tries desperately to bring her home. I liked this very readable book.  I can just imagine sitting on the cabin porch for hours gazing across the fields of fruit trees.  My father had an apple orchard and while it was a lot of work with some disappointments, it also had its joys and rewards.  One word brought to mind – Parenthood!

Wool by Hugh Howey

The world's surface is uninhabitable. People live in a many-leveled silo that goes deep underground and have for well over one hundred years. They are ruled by strict laws which if broken they are sent to "cleaning" (a death sentence). No one dares talk about going outside or what happened years ago that put them where they are. Only a few know or are brave enough to ask. Juliette is one.

Wool is the best book I've read yet this year. A gripping adventure, mystery, science fiction all rolled into one. I'm hoping the author is working on a second installment of this story. I highly recommend it!