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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

There has been a lot of hype and a long waiting list for this book.  It finally was my turn to read it. (Yes, I have to put books on hold just like you.) I have never been one to get into reading romances but then I guess you really couldn't call this a romance. You might call it a murder mystery, or you might call it crazy psycho woman goes off the deep end, or how about crazy lying couple tries to out-do one another. Whatever you want to call it I hope to God I never run into anyone like Amy. Oh, and I am so glad I didn't name any of my kids Amy.  That name is forever ruined for me. So when it is your turn to read it, enjoy, and let me know how you think it ultimately ended.

Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

This book is a sequel to "Firefly Lane" which I loved.  I was looking for a good light summer read, but "Fly Away" was very depressing.  It has so many stories and flashbacks going on with the main story I had to struggle to get through the book.   I will continue to read all of Kristin Hannah's books, but this one is my least favorite.  Just not a happy book.  --submitted by Michelle

What on Earth?i by Quentin Wheeler

One of the interesting new non-fiction books we've gotten in is "What on Earth?".  It is a brief look at some recent new species discoveries. Each discovery has an amazing photograph along with a one page description. Included you will find the tiniest of chameleons, a funny nosed frog and even a new fungus that is named after the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.  No .... Really!

Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

What happens when a plague like condition infects people through the bite of another infected person who has the lobos virus? They are called lycans, a type of wolf-like, incredibly strong and aggressive person capable of changing back and forth between lycan and normal human behavior. What if the government treats these people not as humans but as animals?
All out war, and a race of only a few to find a vaccine.
                    A very fun read for fantasy fiction lovers!