What I'm Reading

Summer is here and I think I have reader's block. There are so many good books I want to read yet I can't seem to get going on any of them. So I just pick up what is available instead of seeking out the ones that are on my list. But in doing that comes serendipity and that can be a lovely thing.

Here are 3 very different and unrelated books that I'm currently in the midst of.

Sycamore Row by John Grisham
This book already makes me not want to ever be an executor of an estate or want to go through probate for any reason. It is a story of a wealthy, terminally ill man who offs himself and leaves everything to his housekeeper. The lawyers line up representing the jilted family. It/s gonna get ugly!

After visiting Shipshiwana, IN for a long weekend I downloaded "My Amish Childhood" by Jerry Eicher. In this memoir he recounts his adventures and different characters in his life growing up in Honduras after his grandfather moves the family from their Amish settlement in Canada to begin a mission. It is a quick read and a nice diversion from the usual books I read.

1913 by Florian Illies
I just started this one and it has the promise of being an intelligent look at some key figures in history and where they were in 1913. Picasso, Stalin, Hitler, Kafka, Freud, Jung, and so many more. Interspersed are little paragraphs of other newsy items taking place in this year that contains the dreaded unlucky number 13.


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