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A Sudden Light by Garth Stein

A coming of age story, Trevor travels with his father to the family's estate outside of Seattle, Washington. Riddle House was built by his great uncle Ben and great great grandfather Elijah, who made the family's fortune in logging. Trevor never expects to uncover hard truths about his family's past exploring the old decaying log mansion with the help of the ghost of his great uncle Ben.

A "couldn't put it down" book with an ending that was meant-to-be but will bring you to tears.

Belle Cora by

This historical fiction story looks back on the life of an aging on-again-off-again madam of the 1800's and how she came to be a wealthy lady of San Francisco. Annabelle is a strong female character who makes the most of the harsh life she has been dealt, staying a true protector of her troubled little brother and smart manipulator of men.
Good but a bit long at almost 600 pages.

October Library Reads list

Announcing the October 2014 LibraryReads list!

You voted, we counted, and October's LibraryReads Favorite is:

A Sudden Light: A Novel 
by Garth Stein (Simon & Schuster) "Garth Stein has given us a masterpiece. This beautiful story takes readers on a thrilling exploration of a family estate brimming with generations of riveting Riddell family ghosts and secrets. This is a true exploratory novel, taking readers through secret passageways, hidden rooms, and darkened corridors that engage all of the senses." Whitney Gayle, James Blackstone Memorial Library, Branford, CT
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And now, the rest of the LibraryReads October Top 10:

Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

Bloom spins an unbelievable story of stepsisters (Iris and Eva) who in the 1940s bond after losing their mothers and discovering their father steals all the money they earn from entering contests. From Ohio to Hollywood and back across America to New York, the calamitous pair of girls continue to con their way into jobs and through life while using others to achieve some semblance of a family life. A quick read.