The Magicians by Lev Grossman

A 17 year old nerd Quentin goes to a professor's house for an interview to get into an elite school. He shows up and finds the professor is dead but is handed an envelope with his name on it by the EMT. As he is walking home the wind takes the paper and when chasing it he magically ends up at a school of magic along the Hudson. He of course goes to and graduates from this magic school but then what.? What are he and the friends he has made at the school supposed to do with their lives? How are the "Fillory" fantasy novels he read as a kid directing his magical path?
This is the first in a trilogy. I will read the second to find out how Quentin ends up using the gift of magic he has been given. Will it be for good or evil?


  1. This series is like a bag of potato chips..I just could not put them down.
    Read all three within a month and wish there were more.
    Very high level magic, not the Harry Potter level.


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