Last Bus to Wisdom by Ivan Doig

This is Ivan Doig's last novel. Sad to say that he passed away in April of this year. Though with this book he leaves us on a very good note, we will miss his wonderful stories.
Last Bus to Wisdom is a coming of age story based in the 1950s. It is full of the hopes, dreams and adventure of an eleven year old Montana boy, Donal, who lost his parents in a car crash and lives with his grandmother. He is shipped off to his Grandmother's sister in Wisconsin for the summer while his grandmother has an operation. He does not get along with his great aunt, the Kate, but does find a friend in Herman, who he thinks is her husband. Together they end up on the adventure of their lives traveling west using the dog buses (Greyhound) as transportation.
I recommend this book and also recommend Doig's "The Whistling Season".


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