My Summer Reading

Well, here it is almost September. Another Summer flew by and this Summer my intended reading list basically was ignored. Busy weekends at family reunions, gardening, helping folks move, etc. ... You know how it goes. I hope you all got more accomplished than I did.

I did however, have time for three quick-to-read kids books. A couple of my favorite children's authors, DeCamillo and Sachar, had recent books come out that I had to try and then the book "Rain Reign" came across my desk and I just had to take it home.

Flora and Ulysses by Kate DeCamillo
This is a silly story about a little girl and a squirrel. The squirrel, Ulysses,  gets sucked up by the neighbor lady's new vacuum cleaner which results in the squirrel gaining super powers.  Flora comes to his rescue and they become friends helping each other out.

Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar
This was a very good story about a boy and a girl trying to "fit in" at a private school. They happen upon some toxic mud in the woods surrounding the school when they are attempting to avoid a bully. The bully follows them into the woods but then goes missing. They were the last ones to see him. Despite their dislike of him they do the right thing and learn that some people are not as bad as they appear to be.

Rain Reign by Ann Martin
A wonderfully emotional story of a young girl Rose who has autism and her patient loving uncle who comes to her rescue. The quirks of Rose's disability do not deter her when the stray dog her father brings home for her gets lost in a storm and she devises a plan to find it. I recommend this book!


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