Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler

Swyler weaves an intricate story of a family who's women for generations were a part of the circus either as tarot card readers or as side show curiosities (they were presented as mermaids, for having the ability to hold their breath for a very long time).  All of these women drowned on the 24th of July including his own mother and that date is just around the corner. Simon becomes very worried when he finds this out after receiving a very old book in the mail. His sister works in a traveling carnival. Is she doomed to follow the same fate?  He himself can hold his breath for 10 minutes. Is he the one that will drown? Simon, being a librarian, begins research in earnest hoping to find clues to break the pattern.
A very good story with a great setting of an old house on a bluff that creeps closer and closer to the edge as the rain and water erode the bluff.


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