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Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins

Rollins latest Sigma Force novel is an action packed adventure ride. From deep in the caves of the Croatian mountains to the Beijing Zoo and then to the hidden underground secrets of mankind in the Andes, this story that hinges on the beginning of man's intelligence and the Great Leap Forward will keep you turning the pages and rooting for the young gorilla test subject Baako.

2015 Library Reads Favorites

Announcing the
Favorites of Favorites 2015

LibraryReads list! You voted, we counted, and the LibraryReads Favorite of Favorites is:
The Girl on the Train: A Novel  by Paula Hawkins
“Rachel is a washed-up thirty-something who creates a fantasy about the seemingly perfect couple she sees during her daily train ride into London. When the woman goes missing, Rachel manages to insert herself into the investigation of the woman’s disappearance