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LibraryReads list May 2016

Announcing the
May 2016

LibraryReads list!
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May's LibraryReads Favorite is: Britt-Marie Was Here
A Novel
by Fredrik Backman
(Atria Books)

“Britt-Marie is a woman who is used to her life being organized. But when she
leaves her cheating spouse and takes a temporary job as caretaker of the
recreation center in the tiny town of Borg, her life changes in unpredictable
ways. With its wonderful cast of oddball characters and sly sense of humor,
this novel is sure to capture readers’ hearts. Highly recommended.” --Vicki Nesting, St. Charles Parish Library, Destrehan, LA

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Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

This is everything you want to see in children's fiction. Humor, memorable characters, friendships, easy plot and a bit of adventure. Three unlikely girls (Raymie, Louisiana, and Beverly) become friends after a summer of taking baton twirling lessons. Thanks Kate for another wonderful story!

Hotel Moscow by Talia Carner

This novel is based on the author's experience traveling to Russia in 1993 to begin an alliance between business women of America and Russia. It brings to light some of the conditions women lived in and the obstacles of mafia extortion and corruption at all levels that they faced when trying to start businesses. The main character, Brooke, finds herself the target of one such mob boss who is in a position of power in the government. She is fearful she will not be able to escape the country.
A very good story with accompanying photos and information.
When speaking with my own friends who lived in Russia just two years ago, I was surprised that they were advised by their company to have a certain amount of American dollars with them in case they had to exit the country in a hurry by buying their way out. Evidence of the fact that changing the mindset of a people and their government is a very slow process.

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

An imaginatively dark and creepy novella. Very goth. A quick read.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is a science fiction story that takes place 700 years in the future when humans are inhabiting the other planets. On Mars the classes are defined by colors, the Reds are the lower caste that live deep below the surface and have the dangerous job of mining for helium. The Golds are the upper class people who are in control of all. As you might guess, factions are at work to infiltrate the Golds. Will the newest Red recruit, Darrow, be the one that is successful and raise his people up? If you liked the Hunger Games you will enjoy this trilogy by Pierce Brown that he concluded this year with "Morning Star".

White Queen by Philippa Gregory

While the men and boys are off fighting over who's to be King, Queen Elizabeth wife of Edward of York is hard at work plotting and arranging who her children will marry for power and money. As entertaining as those royal Brits can be it is a bit difficult to keep track of who's who with multiple Richards, Edwards, Georges and Henrys. Gregory's historical fiction is well researched and a must read for Anglophiles. This is the first book in her series the "Cousin's War".