Hotel Moscow by Talia Carner

This novel is based on the author's experience traveling to Russia in 1993 to begin an alliance between business women of America and Russia. It brings to light some of the conditions women lived in and the obstacles of mafia extortion and corruption at all levels that they faced when trying to start businesses. The main character, Brooke, finds herself the target of one such mob boss who is in a position of power in the government. She is fearful she will not be able to escape the country.
A very good story with accompanying photos and information.
When speaking with my own friends who lived in Russia just two years ago, I was surprised that they were advised by their company to have a certain amount of American dollars with them in case they had to exit the country in a hurry by buying their way out. Evidence of the fact that changing the mindset of a people and their government is a very slow process.


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