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Fireman by Joe Hill

When a mysterious fungus people call the Dragonscale infects some of the population, fear of the unknown causes many of the infected to spontaneously burst into flames, unknowingly spreading the condition though ash. A small population has figured out how to control the scale to protect themselves from those who would see them exterminated. Will the few survive?

Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman

Two Jewish brothers and their families live in a brownstone. Abe lives upstairs and has sons, Mort lives downstairs has daughters. They think they have had as many children as they are going to have until both their wives, best friends, Helen and Rose become pregnant. So it happens that Helen and Rose deliver at the same time during a blizzard when the men are gone. It is the start of a secret they keep for thirteen years that changes one of the women so terribly she can no longer stand the other. What pact did they make that night that would forever change their lives?