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Darktown by Thomas Mullen

Darktown is a mystery. A different kind of mystery that takes place in the era of Jim Crow laws, specifically in Atlanta. Boggs and Smith, partners, are part of the new black precinct in Darktown (the black section of Atlanta). When they find a murdered girl in a trash heap they take it upon themselves to solve the mystery after finding out the name of the white ex-cop they last saw her with was wiped off their report. I thought it was an excellent story!

House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner

A sweeping novel about three generations of a family on an island off the coast of Italy. The Espositos own the old "House at the Edge of Night" which is covered in bougainvillea vines and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the village piazza on the other. It is a story of legends, miracles, secrets, love, patience and place in the community. A joy to read.

Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen

An auto accident prevents agent Lane Coolman from being present during his TV client's (Buck) interview at a bar in the Florida Keys. Buck manages to start a bar room brawl by insulting the locals and goes missing. The redhead who rear-ended Lane mistook the car he was driving for one that she was supposed to hit in a kidnapping scheme.
A very humorous story full of wacky and quirky characters and a quick read. If you need a diversion from your everyday life this laugh-out-loud story will do the trick.