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What I've been reading May 2017

May is over? How did that happen?? Despite my busy May I did manage to read several books.

"Beyond the Bright Sea" by Lauren Wolk is a touching story about an orphan from a leprosy colony set adrift by her mother as an infant. The story takes place on islands off the coast of New England. The infant girl is taken in and raised by a man living alone on an island. When the girl reaches twelve she is curious about her family and what happened to them. While this book is intended for children it is a well written story about what it means to be a part of the family we know.

"Roanoke Girls" by Amy Engel.   Sent to live on the Roanoke family farm with her grandparents after her mother commits suicide, 17 year old Lane soon discovers the terrible family secret that drove her mother away from Roanoke. The other family secret is suspected early on but is fully revealed at the end of the story. How can love, jealousy, secrets and power tear this family apart for more that on…

LibraryReads List June 2017

Announcing the
June 2017

LibraryReads list!
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June's LibraryReads Favorite is: Magpie Murders
by Anthony Horowitz
(Harper) “Susan Ryeland is a London book editor who has just received the latest manuscript from one of her most irascible authors, Alan Conway. But the manuscript’s ending appears to be missing and she learns that Conway has committed suicide. As Ryeland learns more about his death, she starts to question whether a murder has occurred and begins to investigate. Magpie Murders is a delightful, clever mystery-within-a-mystery. Horowitz shows real mastery of his craft. This is a terrific, modern take on the traditional mystery with ingenious puzzles to solve.” -Andrea Larson, Cook Memorial Library, Libertyville, IL