Books just out (week of 9/18/2018). I don't know where to start these new books all sound sooo good!

Historical fiction:

 This story takes place outside of Vienna in 1914. A young medical student is stationed in a remote mountain valley to care for the sick and injured.
Three brothers growing up in New York's lower east side take different paths in life,(One an accountant, one in the garment industry, and one with the mob). They are pitted against one another when the mobster starts controlling the unions.
On a Barbados sugar plantation a young slave's life is forever changed when a new master comes to the plantation.
 "Languoreth -- a forgotten queen of the sixth-century Scotland and the twin sister of the man who inspired the legend of Merlin."  -- book jacket.
A promising debut novel.

Life during the Trojan War for the conquered women in the Greek camps. Not for the faint of hearts.


 A mysterious exclusive old boy's club of Harvard the Delphic Club. New members try to uncover old secrets.
 Detective Charlie Parker investigates what happened to the young woman who's body was found in the Maine woods. And what happened to her new born baby?
Translated from the Swedish, this novel is the story of a biologist returning to Mossmarken, her home town. She investigates the legend of what lies beneath the peat bogs there.

Science Fiction:

First in a new series, this story is of aliens that crash onto a distant planet with a strange cargo. Able to travel through gates, a team of humans investigate this new threat.
Sounds interesting.

Spies among us: 

True story of Espionage. Gordievsky, brought up in a KGB family turns to working for the British after finding out what the Russian regime is all about during the Cold War.
 A novel of CIA agents in Berlin during the Cold War and the woman in charge of the safe houses .
CIA espionage novel: a daughter of a spy attempting to uncovering her father's secret past.


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