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White Book by Han Kang

Simply, beautifully, brilliant!

Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

This story takes place in Malaysia in the 30's. Along with all the superstitions of it's people regarding the meaning of numbers and names, there is also family and personal conflict among the characters. Ren, an eleven year old houseboy to a doctor, Ji Lin, a young woman who is working an extra job to help her mother pay of Mahjong debts, and Shin her very handsome step brother. Throw in a missing finger, the mystery of a weretiger, forbidden love, and messages from the dead and you have a very complicated story with a lot going on.
This is one book to put on your reading list. Woven deftly, Choo brings the connecting threads together at a satisfying end.  I recommend this book!

LibraryReads List Feb. 2019

Announcing the
February 2019

LibraryReads list!
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February's LibraryReads Favorite is: The Silent Patient
by Alex Michaelides
(Celadon Books)