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Freefall by Jessica Barry

Allison is the only survivor of a small plane crash in the Colorado Rockies. Knowing she is being hunted while using techniques she learned from her father, she tries to make her way back to her mother. Meanwhile, her mother in Maine refuses to believe that Allison perished in the crash and uses her researching skills as a retired librarian to dig into her daughters recent past. A good quick read.

Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by Juliet Grames

This is an Italian immigrant story. Told in a voice that could be an old aunt recounting stories of Stella's life. Often times humorous but more a story of a girl, a young woman who just wants to be herself and not what the traditional Italian family expects her to be.  Very good.

Need by Helen Phillips

Anyone who is a mother can relate to this tense story of a mother's struggle to be everything to her two young children while battling insomnia. The tricks that sleep deprivation plays on her mind keep you guessing if she will do something horrific. A good quick read.

Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

In his new novel Whitehead, inspired by a true story of a reform school in Florida, creates this novel of cruelty and hatred in the south. Centered around a young academic African boy, Elwood, who has his sights on going to college. When hitchhiking, he finds himself in the wrong car at the wrong time and is sent to a reform school where the lucky ones make it out alive. Determined to out the school and the crooks who run it, Elwood hatches a plan that may work or may get him killed.
Very good!

Stars of Alabama by Sean Dietrich

A Southern novel where three different stories of unfortunate souls, rich in goodness and as warm as the South can be, come together in Mobile. A story of hard life in the 30's and 40's, where people find strength, in attending traveling tent revivals. It is a story of families and loved ones lost and of new friendships and families found. Very Good!